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Where can I buy a Suzuki motorcycle?
You can buy at any of our authorized dealers throughout Malaysia.

Where can I find your branches?

We have 7 branches in major cities in Malaysia.

What is the product range?

We have Scooter models and Underbone models in our lineup of product.

What are the special features of Suzuki motorcycle?

You can refer to the product features in our sales leaflets for the features of the particular Suzuki model you are interested in.

What are the warranty terms and conditions for Suzuki motorcycles?
All our models are covered by our 12-month / 10,000 km warranty. You can refer to the details in Warranty Info.

Is there any free service for new motorcycle purchased?

There are 2 Free Services provided to the customer at 1,000 km and 3,000 km. The customer needs to present the Free Service Coupon (1,000 km or 3,000 km where applicable) to get the free service at our branches or our authorized dealers.