Super Adventure Tourer
  • ESCAPE ANYWHERE : On Earth the road never ends. From tarmac to trail.Beach to mountain pass.Alleyway to distant highway.Every ride is an escape into freedom. Go anywhere. Go beyond. On the V-Strom 650XT. The journey is just beginning.
  • The look of freedom : The V-Strom 650XT’s styling reflects world-beating adventure-tourerperformance. Its compact form consists of expressive painted sections and functional black plastic components —a combination that creates a sporty, purposeful profile. Rider comfort is enhanced by the windscreen, by heat-and wind-diverting designs, and by slim bodywork.

Main Features
  • Dynamic front styling : A beak-like front cowl reflects Suzuki’s spirit of adventure by evoking the DR-Z ridden in the 1988 Paris-Dakar rally. A painted upper section contains dual multi-reflector headlights with 60/55W halogen bulbs that give great light distribution. Contrasting black plastic lower / side sections have a rugged surface texture. A front fender shaped for smooth radiator airflow is combined with the fork chip guard.
  • Great wind protection : The windscreen and compactly shaped bodywork reflect the results of extensive wind-tunnel testing that gives great wind protection for low noise and low rider fatigue. The windscreen is three-way adjustable to suit the rider’s stature, the riding position, and the road situation. The base of the windscreen is textured (rather than blacked out) for an attractive see-through impression.
  • The power for freedom : The V-Strom 650XT’s four-stroke, DOHC, 645cc90-degree V-twin engine is ready for full-range riding enjoyment. It offers the distinctive beat feel of a V-twin, ample torque for easy handling at low and mid-range revs, and powerful performance at the high end of the rev range. A broad powerbandmakes for smooth going on steep mountain passes, open highways, and crowded city streets. Plus, great fuel economy ensures a class*-leading riding range.
  • Fuel injection for real-world riding : The SDTV fuel-injection system promotes combustion efficiency and throttle response and helps to ensure smooth power delivery. It optimizes the intake-charge velocity at all engine speeds, so an intake mixture with the optimal air-fuel ratio is always suppliedto the combustion chambers. The benefits include abundant torque at low and mid-range revs, linear throttle response, and low emissions.
  • Class-leading fuel tank capacity : A fuel tank with a class-leading 20-litre capacity combines with the surrounding bodywork to create a trim and purposeful look. A combination of painted surfaces and unpainted black sections makes the tank appear small despite its generous capacity. The tank is slim toward the rear to facilitate knee grip.
  • A trim top view : The seat allows the rider to find the most comfortable position. The seat and the frame covers are slim for an easy reach to the ground. The pillion section is shaped to help prevent the passenger from slipping forward. The seat also heightens pride of ownership thanks to an embossed V-Strom logo and a combination of red-stitched leather-look sections and suede-look, slip-resistant surfaces.
  • Instrumentation : A compact, easy-to-read instrument cluster combines an analogue tachometer with a big, brightness-adjustable LCD that shows the gear position, ambient temperature, average fuel consumption, speedometer, odometer, dual tripmeters, coolant temperature, clock, and fuel gauge.
The rider can select LCD indications using the left handlebar switch. A short push toggles the odometer section to tripmeter, fuel consumption, and brightness. A long push changes the clock section to the ambient temperature. LED indicators include a road freeze indicator* that, together with the ambient temperature display, helps the rider monitor road conditions.
  • Low emissions : The exhaust system includes a three-way catalyzerand an O2sensor to limit emissions of hydrocarbons, carbon monoxide, and nitrogen oxides. For optimal performance, the O2sensor is located in the straight section after all the exhaust pipes join and where the exhaust flow is equalized. The V-Strom 650XT meets the strict Euro 3 emission standards.
  • Disc brakes and antilock braking system : Dual 310mm front disc brakes with dual-piston calipersand a 260mm rear disc brake with a single-piston calipergive smooth, controllable stopping power. They are complemented by an antilock braking system (ABS) that increases the rider’s control by helping to prevent wheel lockup during brake application in diverse road-surface conditions.
  • Twin-spar aluminum-alloy frame and swingarm : The twin-spar aluminum-alloy frame is built from cast and extruded pieces. The swingarmhas extruded arms, an extruded pivot, and a cast joint section. The frame is exceptionally light because it is the only one in the class to be made of aluminumalloy. It complements the smooth, powerful engine to ensure poised running in all conditions.
  • Adjustable suspension : Front forks with 43mm stanchion tubes are tuned for a firm feel and smooth operation. Spring preload is five-steps adjustable to suit road conditions, rider tastes, and the carrying of a passenger or luggage. Link-type rear suspension is designed for progressive response. It has a steplessrebound-damping adjuster and a dial-type spring preload adjuster that requires no tools and is conveniently located below the right sidecover. The front suspension stroke is a generous 150mm. The rear wheel travel is long at 159mm.

Others Features
  • Twin iridium spark plugs : Two iridium spark plugs for each cylinder produce quick, hot sparks for superior combustion efficiency. The benefits include high power, linear throttle response, easy engine startup, stable idling, high fuel efficiency, and low exhaust emissions.
  • Fine-atomization 10-hole fuel injectors : The ECU calculates the optimal fuel-injection volume for engine and riding conditions in accordance with the engine speed, intake pressure, and throttle position, and it fine-tunes its calculation using data from the exhaust-mounted O2sensor. Ten-hole injectors finely atomize the fuel for high combustion efficiency.
  • Efficient radiator and oil cooler : The radiator has a compact core. It is flanked by wind-directing plates that enhance cooling performance and incorporate holes that allow hot radiator air to flow to the side air outlets and away from the rider’s legs. A liquid-cooled oil cooler keeps the oil temperature stable.
  • Advanced digital engine management : A 32-bit engine control unit (ECU) manages the SDTV fuel-injection system and the ignition and emission-control systems and helps translate the engine’s hefty output into a refined, rider-friendly power character. The ECU also helps to realize smooth throttle response, low exhaust emissions, and high fuel efficiency.


  • The price is subject to change without prior notice.
  • The price quoted is for Peninsular Malaysia Only. Sabah & Sarawak price will be subject to freight and forwarding charges.
  • Basic Sales Price is excluding insurance, road tax, registration fee, etc.