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Privacy & Policy

We recognize that your privacy is very important and that you have a right to control personal information. We know that providing personal information is an act of trust and we are fully committed to protecting your personal information and safeguarding your privacy.

Our Privacy Policy below outlines the steps we take to handle and protect your personal information
and privacy.

Information that SUZUKI collects

In order for you to enjoy SUZUKI website features, tools and services, we ask that you register as a subscriber. During this member registration process, we ask for personally identifiable information such as your name, email address, mailing address, gender, birth date, age, member name and password. In addition, you may choose to provide SUZUKI with additional information including marital status, household income, education and employment status. SUZUKI also collects your personal information when you take part in any contest, survey or promotion conducted by SUZUKI and/or its advertisers/content partners.

SUZUKI uses the information it gathers for the following purposes:

  • To understand more about our audience's interests, to communicate with you and to give you a better experience when visiting us online

  • To build new services and develop offers that we believe are more relevant and valuable to you

  • To verify and process payment when you purchase goods and services from our sites

  • To conduct statistical analysis of the users of our sites including the number of users, the frequency of use, profile of users and using such analysis for our business plans, the enhancement of our products and services, targeted advertisements and conveying such information in broad terms to be used, among other things, to determine trends and needs, and also to supply market research to potential advertisers and partners to help them understand whom the SUZUKI audience is. The information collected by SUZUKI is used to create aggregated portraits of our audience, portraits which present anonymous statistical demographic information but no personally identifiable information

  • To comply with any order of court or directive from authorities investigating any alleged offence, misdeeds and/or abuse or for the purposes of taking legal action against any users for breach of the Conditions of Access and/or Terms of Service.

Sharing of your information

Third Parties. As a general rule, SUZUKI does not disclose specific information about our members to any third parties unless so required by law or any government agencies. All communication whether from us or our business partners will be sent to you via SUZUKI. However, in the event that you participate in contests or other promotional programs on our site sponsored or organized by third parties or purchase goods and services offered by third parties or offer goods and services to third parties on our sites, your information may be disclosed to and used by such third parties via links through our SUZUKI website. Please note that any personal financial and other personally identifiable information to such third parties will occur on the said third parties’ sites, and as such collected and controlled by the Privacy Policy of the aforementioned third parties.

Public Forum Areas. SUZUKI, may from time to time, include public forum areas, chat rooms, message boards and classified sections on its website. Please note that any information you disclose in these public forum areas becomes public information and is immediately accessible on the SUZUKI network, so it is important for you to exercise discretion and appropriate caution when deciding to reveal personal information in these areas. SUZUKI may decide to utilize the content of Q&A's, interactions with experts, and/or chat room and message board content throughout the SUZUKI network and in promotions in order to enhance our editorial, advertising, promotional and similar activities. In those cases we often provide authorship credit by listing the author's member name. We therefore encourage you to use care in protecting your identity when you choose a member name and to keep your member name confidential.

Send To A Friend Service. SUZUKI offers the ability to forward an article or promotion to another person via email or to send an electronic postcard. If you use either of these services, we will use the recipient's email address in order to send the article or postcard and we will also ask for your email address. In the case of postcards, we will ask for your email address and each may be stored so that we can ensure delivery and that the recipient can retrieve the postcard. We do not use the recipient's email address for any other purpose unless such recipient gives us permission to do so.

Use of “My Account”

SUZUKI facilitates reasonable steps to ensure that personal data is protected from unauthorized access. The “My Account” facility is password protected, and enables you to correct, change or update your particulars from time to time. You cannot, however, alter your SUZUKI Subscription Number, which is assigned and controlled by us. In order to safeguard your information, you must remember to log off from your account and close the browser window after use so that no unauthorized party can have access to it. You must not, at any time, divulge your password to any third party.

Contact us

If you have questions about this Privacy Policy or anything else about SUZUKI, you can contact us at

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