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From the sharp lines of its striking face to its sleek, upswept tail, your eyes are treated to styling that evokes a visual sense of great speed and conveys the promise of an exciting experience. Sit down, pull away from the curb and you soon discover its impressive acceleration, smooth ride, and ability to maneuver effortlessly through traffic. The Avenis 125 is an excellent choice to fit most scooter   need, be it commuting, running errands, or just getting out to enjoy an exhilarating run around town.


SEP - Suzuki Eco Performance 


Sophistication and engineering excellence run more than skin deep. In addition to delivering an exciting ride and powerful acceleration, the Avenis 125's engine achieves optimum fuel economy and Euro 5 compliant low emissions for greater environmental responsibility. This is paired with a short wheelbase chassis that rounds out the package with nimble handling and a smooth, comfortable ride that are sure to please.

Features & Highlights