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Experience a level of luxury and sophistication unique in the compact scooter class.  Enjoy a superior combination of exhilarating performance, maneuverability, comfort, practicality, optimum fuel economy, and low CO2 emissions that distinguishes you from  the rest of the pack. From its elegant styling to its rich set of utility features, the new BURGMAN STREET 125EX is tailored to be a one fine fit. Get ready to turn heads wherever you choose to make the scene.


SEP ALPHA - Suzuki Eco Performance Alpha

From the elegant lines of its rich bodywork to the red stitching on the seat, every detail speaks  of quality and fine styling. This is backed by engineering that combines the impressive acceleration of a powerful yet fuel-efficient engine with new idling stop and silent starter technology, along with a chassis built to ensure comfort and nimble handling.

Features & Highlights